Lab Members

Principal Investigator

J. Wesley Pike, PhD

Position title: Principal Investigator


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Former Lab Members

Mark B Meyer, PhD – Assistant Professor of Nutritional Sciences at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Seong Min Lee, PhD – Scientist in the Mark B Meyer Lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Nancy Benkusky – Technician in the Alan Attie Lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Melda Onal, PhD – Assistant Professor of Physiology and Biophysics at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS)

Alex Carlson, PhD (2016) – Epic Health Systems in Madison, WI

Sohel Shamsuzzaman, PhD (2016)

Hillary St. John, PhD (2016) – Scientist with Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in Boston, MA

Paul Goetsch, PhD (2014) – Assistant Professor Northern Michigan University

Kathleen Bishop, PhD (2010)

Melissa Martowicz, PhD (2006)

Robert Nerenz, PhD (2010) – Clinical Chemistry Program, Washington University

Jackie Fretz, PhD (2007) – Histology Core Director, Yale University

Lee Ann (Zella) Short, PhD (2006) – Sr. Contract & Proposal Development Analyst at PPD

Makoto Watanuki, MD, PhD – Orthopedic Surgeon at Tokyo Rousai Hospital, Japan

Sungtae Kim, PhD

Hironori Yamamoto, PhD

Nirupama Shevde, DDS, PhD

Miwa Yamazaki

Anjali Warrier